Giovanni e Valentina

Ayouverde originates from our big passion for biological products.

Here we are, Giovanni (informatics engineer) and Valentina (mechanical engineer), as a couple of so many years and this project was the chance to link passion and work which, even though different, finds a contact point thanks to Ayouverde.

Since childhood, I’ve always been sensitive to Ambiental thematic, thanks to my dad who taught me to respect nature, but we were born far away from biological world. Despite this, three years ago we began this kind of conversion and we’re deeply impressed, changing our lifestyle with lower environmental impact choices.

"Quello che noi facciamo è solo una goccia nell'oceano, ma se non lo facessimo, l'oceano avrebbe una goccia in meno".

We love this quote because everyone must do everything he can for the sake of the planet. We just have one of it and, if we thought, it is the most precious thing we have. It’s impossible to live with zero environmental impact but each contribution, even if minimal, it’s important.