Ayouverde is the first search engine for natural and/or eco-bio certified cosmetics. They are all carefully selected by our staff and they will guarantee quality and a cleared inci. This platform will be useful both for who is already a biological consumer and both for who approaches for the first time, who will be perfectly sure that someone has carefully selected the products before introducing on it.
It’s important to make yourself aware of what you buy and, for this reason, you will find detailed descriptions by our brand partner and also products reviews we’ve tested: we hope to give you all the instruments needed to understand what kind of product best suits your needs.
Ayouverde is used to facilitate product research in the wide panorama of biological cosmetics existing on the market today.
The real comfort will be to search the cosmetics you want on a single platform, to compare products sold by different shops, to include them in a wishlist and to make a quote about how much you’ll spend on the shop you have chosen, where you will buy at the end.
In Ayouverde you’ll find best promotion online too and, maybe thanks to them, you will choose what you need.
In Ayouverde there is a specific menu option "Products" and, with the various filters available, you can find the products who want. In alternative, you can use the dynamic search bar, which suggest products, shops, brands and categories that includes the specifics words.

Once you have selected them, it is possible to open their tabs to find out physical and online dealers with prices (including promotions and discount codes), or it is possible to save them in the wishlist and looking for a unique dealer of the selected products.
On the platform there are many shops that include shipments abroad. You can find it in the apposite sections “Brand” and “Shops” or you can find the earth icon in the dealers list of a specific product. Terms of sale for shipments abroad change from shop to shop: you will find this kind of information on each partner website. Click on the earth icon and you will be redirected on the dedicated page.
Information on products (images, descriptions, inci etc.) sold by Ayouverde partners change all the time, particularly limited-time promotions. We always update our website in order to give you accurate information but, sometimes, could happen that there may be differences between Ayouverde information and the ones on the productor/dealer website. This could happen for different reasons: the productor website may have update his site or reformulated his products but he has not yet updated or reported changes; the productor/dealer could have included wrong time or applicability of promotions etc.

Contact us immediately if you notice this kind of gap and we will fix it as soon as possible.
Loyalty program offered by Ayouverde gives the opportunity to obtain gift card by brands and shops taking part in the initiative. The system is based on collection of stickers that you will get buying in companies participating in the program.

For any order, you will get 1 sticker each € 10 spent in products of Ayouverde brands partner. For example, an order between € 30 and € 39,99 of products on Ayouverde gives the right to 3 stickers.When you will reach 10 stickers, you will have a gift card of € 5.
Gift cards expire 3 months from the date of request and cannot be combined with coupons.

To participate you need to be registered on the platform and you have to upload a proof of purchase, following the registration date. We will verify the accuracy of the data entered to assign the stickers gained.

N.B. For purchases in a physical store, please notify the retailer at the time of purchase, in order to ensure verification of the proof of purchase.

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Use of cookies enable us the opportunity to give you a browse experience suitable for your interests. Thanks to them, in fact, it is possible to use the wishlist function and all its advantages, such as the possibility to find dealers for a selected products set.

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It is not possible to sign up independently on Ayouverde in order to guarantee cleared inci products and a certain standard quality. If you want to become part of our project just contact us and we will evaluate your request as soon as possible.

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