Latte e Luna

Latte e Luna is a brand of eco-compatible cosmetics, products that are good for the environment and for the skin. The particularity of the brand concerns the specialization in anhydrous and natural cosmetics respecting man and the environment.

Anhydrous products are therefore free of water and give the skin what it needs in maximum safety and quality, exploiting what are the true potential of a medicinal extract or pure oil. The formulations are the result of careful studies in order to use a few simple ingredients that ensure efficacy, high performance and maximum versatility without sacrificing safety, delicacy and protection of the skin.

The "Tarake" and "Baby Care" lines are part of the brand. The first was created with the aim of taking care of any imperfections and imperfections of the skin. Designed to encourage and accelerate cell turnover to obtain a smoother and more luminous skin, offering a solution to every type and requirement of the skin in order to restore its softness and radiance, illuminating the complexion and refining the grain. The Baby Care line is indicated, however, for the particularly sensitive skin of children, thanks to certified natural organic ingredients and carefully selected and controlled raw materials.

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