We are a small cosmetic reality. We formulate products with seriousness, simplicity, looking around. We use the beautiful things we find close to us, collaborating with realities that can support us in our projects. We try to inform ourselves about what can be directly or indirectly related to our products. Ecological attention in formulations, packaging and brochures, leaflets,... We do not only offer a product, but a choice. The small choices that can sometimes make the difference. Our bet is the sustainability of these choices in the face of an ever-changing world. Follow us and help us to improve on facebook After years of experience in the cosmetic sector, the idea was born to offer natural, quality products that could be a small sign of responsibility. One of the main objectives is to offer high quality products, based on natural, trying to cut costs related to the production chain: manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, shop. RAW MATERIALS A REAL KM: o local (KM zero), or fair trade

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