Pugliami - Olive oil cosmetics

We are Veronica and Deborah Baldasarre, two sisters with a common passion for Apulia and natural heritage. After years of working and studying, in Italy and abroad, we went back to our roots, to Apulia, with a specific mission: promote Apulia’s territory through skin care cosmetics. This is how Pugliami Cosmetics and Idee pugliesi were born - through local people and ideas, included the fashion brand Spugliami. All our cosmetics are eco-friendly, organic, vegan and eco-friendly. Its formulas are certified as nickel-tested and contain hypoallergenic fragrances, truly respecting our health and well-being. Obviously, the main star of our cosmetics is cold-pressed organic Apulian extra-virgin olive oil, the age-old youth and beauty potion. Come and discover our Formula, wishing you... Take me and Pugliami!

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